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Franziska Link Photographer and Filmmaker

Born In Germany and now based in Australia, Franziska Link is a cinematographer and photographer with a focus on underwater. An adventurer at heart, Franziska’s passion for the ocean has taken her to the physical and spiritual depth of free-diving, the power and purity of surfing and the vastness of sailing the open ocean.


She reflects the pure essence of the ocean through observation and presence. “The ocean is a mentor and a mirror as it provides a closer reflection of who we are than any mirror”

Encouraged by the romance of the unusual Franziska’s images inspire the audience to push beyond perceived limits. Being a free diver and surfer helps to be in the right place at the right time to take the shot.

She is one of the very few who paraglided off Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit in Africa close to 6000m on assignment.

“All the work I shoot is done in collaboration. In collaboration with the art that was made before, the explorers that came prior and the people I work with.. But it’s also a collaboration with nature. Through being so close in nature I am super passionate about protecting our natural world.”

Franziska’s film and photographic work is published through National Geographic, Red Bull, Surfing World, Qantas, Arte and more.

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2023 exhibition film photography


Mon, May 1

7:00 am — 10:00 pm

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Flotsam x Climate Community Night

Wed, May 3

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