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The Sea Shall Not Have Them are an instrumental two piece band with an appetite for glorious noise that you can swim in. This Gold Coast-based duo consists of Curt Emerton (Guitars / Bass / Keys / Bass VI) and Mat Wilton (Drums / Percussion / Field Recordings).

Recently celebrating the international release of their new album “Debris”, The Sea Shall Not Have Them have drawn critical acclaim for their live shows, with The Music street press calling the band “consistently a treat live… it’s a wonder what a vast aural blanket they can weave with such a minimal ensemble.”

“Debris delivers the full ambient, psychedelic, rock, ominous, sultry and unexpected journey it promises..” (Blank Street Press) and was recorded at Brisbane’s Airlock Studios. The album also features some special guests in Ian Haug (The Church/Powderfinger) and Ed Fraser (HEADS.).

Flotsam: Lightwaves
2022 exhibition film music

Flotsam: Lightwaves

Thu, May 5

8:00 pm — 11:00 pm

Coolangatta Hotel