Andrew Kidman
Photo: John Schultz

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Andrew Kidman Film Maker, Musician

A musician, director, writer, and shaper, born in New South Wales, Australia, Andrew Kidman is the author of one of the most exquisite films on surfing (“Litmus”, 1996).

Kidman began with a more competitive approach to surf until he met Wayne Lynch and Dave Parmenter, people whose influence definitely left their mark on the course of his life, marked by a distinctly alternative and counter-culture direction, not only in terms of creative output, but also when it came to surfboard design. In an era of punk surf videos for pop consumption, “Litmus” offered an insightful, experimentalist point of view, in its aesthetics radically different from everything else available on offer. After “Litmus,” Kidman released “Glass Love” (2005) and “Last Hope” (2009), keeping his unique approach—where sound plays a special role—which inspired generations. In 2013 he released the book “Single – Studies of The Movement From the Stephanie Gilmore, Spirit of Akasha Sessions”.    ( Bio except from Sagres Surf)

Andrew Kidman & The Windy Hills + Litmus: Flotsam Road Trip
2024 music

Andrew Kidman & The Windy Hills + Litmus: Flotsam Road Trip

Thu, May 9

5:00 pm — 9:30 pm

Iron & Resin