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Bill Morris Photographer

Bill grew up in Bondi, Sydney. He learned to surf at a very young age, his father pushing him into small waves at North Bondi.

Bill was always interested in photography and bought a professional camera and lens as soon as he could save enough money.

Bill loved to shoot slide film and would have his friends around to his house for slide nights, loading up the projector with his early surf adventures in Indonesia and display them
big on the wall for them all to see. It was fortunate for Bill that a prominent Tracks Magazine photographer, Tony Nolan, attended one of his slide shows and offered to take a few of Bill’s images into the Tracks office to show the editor. And so began the career Bill never quite saw coming.

As Bill began to get published, he bought a water housing for his camera and began shooting from the water. After winning an Australian Surfing Photography Award for Best Water
Shot in 1998, he was signed as a Senior Photographer by US Surfing Magazine and also Australia’s Surfing Life in Queensland and began travelling the globe on assignments with the world’s best surfers. Companies, which included Oakley and O’Neill, also began hiring Bill to shoot their surfers for advertising campaigns.

Today, Bill mainly concentrates on his Ocean Landscape business. Selling acrylics and framed prints of Sydney’s coastline via his website. However, he still has a close
relationship with Tracks Magazine and, who he mainly submits his surfing imagery to these days.

Flotsam International Masters Of Surf Launch
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Flotsam International Masters Of Surf Launch

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Flotsam International Masters of Surf Exhibition

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