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Corey Wilson Photographer

Corey Wilson and the art of the surf photo.

Because it is an art. The delicate play of a photographer and his subject in a high-risk environment.

It might surprise some, but shooting high-performance surfing from the water is more than just finding the cash for a camera and housing and swimming into a busy lineup.
The best, like 22-year-old Californian Corey Wilson, treat the genre as an art form, skilfully weaving difficult light and dangerous conditions, even the occasional shark, to create images that just… ring.
And if you don’t know the game, you might think, yeah, it’s often down to chance. But balancing light, capturing a surfer at his peak moment and doing it while swimming, ain’t easy.
As his photo editor at Surfing, Peter Taras, says: “The best thing about Corey is just how positive he is to be around. It’s infectious and a lot of people like that quality. Photographers can be moody. Corey is not. He’s also classic in his approach to photography. Brooks School trained. Makes the right decisions always and takes risk when he needs to.”

Corey is a world class photographer and content curator. Shortly after high school Corey enrolled at Brooks Institute and received a bachelors degree in professional photography. He began his career as senior staff photographer at Surfing Magazine where he used his technical and creative expertise to produce imagery for the magazine. His love for photographing the ocean and surfing has led Corey to some incredible travels around the world. Corey has worked alongside and shaped campaigns for a wide variety of elite companies such as Mercedes Benz, Ralph Lauren, Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver, Red Bull, Monster Energy, and many more. One of his recent passion projects was with surfer Mick fanning where they created a 200 page coffee table book together. When Corey is not battling the conditions of mother nature he has a passion creating brands with world class athletes and other like minded entrepreneurs.

“I am from Santa Cruz, CA. I started photography when I was in high school and I fell in love with shooting photos, deciding to make a career out of it.

After graduating I really wanted to learn as much as I could about photography. I enrolled in Brooks Photography Institute in Santa Barbara. It was a three-year program and I walked away with a Bachelors Degree in Professional Photography. It was the best thing for my career.

I currently live in Newport Beach, CA and I travel the world all year round, working for Surfing Magazine, Rip Curl, and freelancing for other companies. I’m constantly on the road going on surf trips and fashion shoots etc.

I hope to continue with photography for the rest of my life. I couldn’t be more stoked to turn my passion into a career. With all the new technology coming out year by year it lets us create new types of images, and endless amounts of creativity.”





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