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George Greenough Film Maker

George Greenough is the Einstein of Surfing.

George Greenough is one of the most enigmatic and eccentric surfers on the planet, the Einstein of Surfing and is credited for being the architect of the shortboard revolution. Way ahead of his time, George’s innovative surfing on his kneeboard flex tail spoon in the mid-sixties inspired Bob McTavish and Nat Young to go shorter with their equipment.

Nat won the 1966 World Title with a whole new progressive approach influenced by George who designed Nat’s winning flex speed fin that changed surfing forever. The following year Greenough began filming on his surf mat with a 16 mm housing strapped to his back riding inside the barrel that had never been seen before.

First releasing ‘Innermost Limits of Pure Fun’ movie that documents the transition of the shortboards to making his own Yacht ‘Crystal Voyager’ and sailing across the Pacific in. It is the ‘Echoes’ segment from that movie using military high speed 16mm camera in a custom housing & ‘morning light’ shot at Hollister Ranch, California, and Lennox Head, Australia that is George’s masterpiece.

English Rock Band Pink Floyd were so impressed with George’s footage, they showed it as a backdrop for their live concerts and allowed George to use their music in his movie. Greenough’s contributions are so considerable, surfing would not be where it is today without his inventions and the involvement of the great George Greenough.

Enjoy the Ride
GG style yew.

Written by Andrew McKinnon Chair Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve.

The George Greenough Movie Experience
2024 film

The George Greenough Movie Experience

Tue, May 7

6:30 pm — 8:00 pm

Southern Cross University GC Campus