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Mathew Tildesley Photographer

Mathew Tildesley is an obsessive chronicler of the ocean’s many shifts and changes.

There are some forces of nature we mere humans can’t manipulate, can’t tame or get away from. It’s this raw and unpredictable beauty of the ocean that makes Mat want to get
behind the lens. The #surfstrobe project is particularly intriguing because the results are an enigma, entirely unknowable.
Whenever the rare glimmer of opportunity presents itself, Mat puts himself in situations where nature’s most mysterious forces converge – the dark of the night and the power of
the ocean. These two aspects, feared by so many, are the very things Mat needs to bring his passion to life.

While generally, people don’t get excited about the extended hours of darkness and cold water that winter brings; Mat actually prefers shooting these #surfstrobe photos in Tassie
winter. He can shoot at more ‘civilised’ hours; no need to wait until 10 at night or get up at 3 in the morning!
When he’s not behind the camera, you might find Mat spending time with his young family, bodyboarding, surfing, foiling, out on the boat fishing, freediving or at home in the garden
observing the bee hives.


Flotsam International Masters Of Surf Launch
2024 exhibition music panel

Flotsam International Masters Of Surf Launch

Fri, May 3

1:00 pm — 5:00 pm

Kirra Beach House

Flotsam International Masters of Surf Exhibition
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2024 exhibition

Flotsam International Masters of Surf Exhibition

Tue, May 7

9:00 am — 4:00 pm

Kirra Hill Community and Cultural Centre