Rammohan Paranjape
Rammohan Paranjape

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Rammohan Paranjape Photographer

Rammohan Paranjape is a self-taught photographer, surfer, and an adventure traveller.

His journey began in his early teens after dropping out of college, with travel, adventure and surfing being his muse. Inspired by offbeat landscapes, oceans, and extreme adventures, Rammohan has travelled extensively and documented some amazing surf expeditions and adventures across the Indian sub-continent.

Being India’s first surf photographer, starting at the young age of 16, Ram’s work has been published in over 30 major national and international publications around the world. His surfing images and expertise on surfing in India is consistently sought after by various media houses and surf brands across the world.
Rammohan firmly believes that there is still a lot to explore and see in the sub-continent. A country like India is probably one of the last frontiers of the surfing world to be explored and various ocean sports to be performed against epic landscapes, cultural backgrounds and sea of humanity.

When not chasing action, He spends his time in a small coastal hamlet called Mulki, Mangalore. At Mulki he’s based out of Mantra Surf Club as one of its founding members and pioneers of surfing in India.

Masters Image:
Goats of Lakshadweep: On a surf trip, many years ago with the likes of Craig Anderson & co, it was a sight to behold with the island goats joyfully grazing the grounds against a dreamy reef break with Craig Anderson & co enjoying the Indian summer under shade. 


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