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Sean Davey Photographer

Sean Davey started life in Australia’s most southern state; Tasmania, where he learned to appreciate nature from a young age, particularly around the coastal areas.

He first noticed photography from the Australian legend; Max Dupain who gained fame for his often high-contrast black and white beach scenes through the 60’s and 70’s.   Being a beach dweller, Sean was drawn to the surf photography that filled numerous magazines devoted to surfing. He started contributing to magazines in the early 80’s and slowly built a name for himself throughout the Australian magazine scene, then on to magazines all over the world.

Fast forward to the mid-late 90’s and he met his future wife on his annual pilgrimage to the Hawaiian islands.  He moved there in late 97 and continued to build his career.    Throughout the 00’s the writing was on the wall with the internet slowly replacing magazines and so Sean concentrated on building his art business, printing and marketing his large body of imagery directly to art collectors, especially after the financial crash of 2008.   Sean’s prints and canvas hang in hundreds, maybe even thousands of homes all over the world.  He now specialises in creating mural-sized prints and canvases up to as large as 44 x 120 inches in size.   You can view a wide selection of Sean’s imagery for sale on his website.


Flotsam International Masters Of Surf Launch
2024 exhibition music panel

Flotsam International Masters Of Surf Launch

Fri, May 3

1:00 pm — 5:00 pm

Kirra Beach House

Flotsam International Masters of Surf Exhibition
2024 exhibition

Flotsam International Masters of Surf Exhibition

Sat, May 4

9:00 am — 5:00 pm

Kirra Hill Community and Cultural Centre