Filmmaking & Filming Outdoors Workshop

Got a great camera setup for stills, but don’t know how to film? Chloe Hutchison from Havana Productions has spent years shooting for major international surf lifestyle brands, and leads this 2hr film workshop for the photographer wanting to learn the basics of outdoor film making for business, self promo, or pure stoke.

What Chloe will cover:

  • Already a professional photographer? Ways videography can enhance your photography business, and recommended gear that can save you money as you include film into your scope of work
  • Things to consider before shooting outdoors (tides, lighting, noise control if recording sound etc)
  • Basic video settings for outdoor shooting (frame rate, ND filter, shutter speed etc)
  • Adding in other pieces of equipment that can enhance your filmmaking skills (eg. gimbal, certain lenses and filters to achieve certain looks, frame rates for slow motion, super 8 film camera etc) and how intertwining these looks can work for your style
  • How to plan/produce a shoot for yourself or for a client, and understanding the importance of working within a particular video brief or storyboard
  • Time for personalized input and Q&A
Chloe Hutchison

Chloe Hutchison

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Chloe Hutchison: Filming Outdoors Workshop


# Thu, May 5 5:30 pm — 7:30 pm


# Coolangatta Community Space

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