In conjuntion with the Surf Film Archive, step into a surf film x music experience with Flotsam: Lightwaves ’23.

Live music x surf flicks = the Flotsam: Lightwaves immersive experiment.

Surf movies and music have been intertwined forever – entire eras of fads and fashions have been influenced by this combo. Co-joined once again for a double-headed night of entertainment, the Tom Atkin Hall will be lit up with epic footage and projections and some atmospheric, soundtrack-worthy live sounds.

Drop in + tune out with the live sounds of Luja Murfi.

Add vision in the form of the classic A Winter’s Tale, photo projections, short edits and clips for a night of wall to wall surf imagery and live tunes.

Buy a single ticket for Lightwaves, or a combo pass that entitles you to entry to the International Surf Flick Fest earlier in the evening. One pass, double session.

About A Winter’s Tale:

Phil Sheppard’s epic 1974 A Winter’s Tale is one of the great surf films. It’ll take you to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Hawaii and features a famous and not-so-famous cast of thousands.

Including: Gerry Lopez, Midget Farrelly, Nat Young, Wayne Lynch, Ben Aipa, Buffalo, Larry Bertlemann, Terry Fitzgerald, Eddie Aikau, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Jeff Hakman, Owl Chapman, Jeff Crawford, Rory Russell, Simon Anderson, Col Smith, Michael Peterson, Sam Hawk, Ian Cairns, Randy Rarrick and many more!

Light Sound Art Film have carefully restored and remastered it for the 21st Century.

A Winter’s Tale is the hardcore surfer’s Morning of The Earth” – Nick Carroll


A Winter’s Tale Trailer:

Credits: Phil Sheppard, Russell Sheppard and Bruce Usher



Luja Murfi

Luja Murfi

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Flotsam: Lightwaves ’23


# Fri, May 12 8:00 pm — 10:00 pm


# Tom Atkin Hall

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