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A labour of love stretching several years, photographer Dean James/Layer of Salt collaborated with some of Australia’s finest shapers to showcase his images glassed onto the decks of 15 boards.

Turning surfboards – arguably already a work of art – into canvases for his photography, what started as a board here and there soon snowballed into a full-blown quiver worthy of exhibition – LAYR.

Exhibited alongside prints and projections, with panel of featured surfers and board collaborators, the collection will be publicly unveiled for the first time.

Longtime creative collaborator Justin Gane’s original Pulse film will also screen.

LAYR featured shapers include:



Bruce Kay


Cross Designs


Glen Winton

Maurice Cole


Mt Woodgee



“The inspiration behind the LAYR exhibition came about with the Covid lockdowns and after shooting with Justin Gane doing trips with the crew for Re-Pulse. I was looking for a way to exhibit work in print but outside of magazines. I also wanted to do it collaboratively with other creatives to showcase individuals involved in the industry whom I feel sometimes are not given the praise they deserve and are almost swallowed up in expectations by the surf industry machine, so I decided to work with various shapers/artists firstly building/designing the surfboards, then skate decks as well as originals of prints, some with artwork done over them.”  Dean James.



All board prints by Inlayz
Artwork over Prints by Willie Nicholls and Jayke Mellows
Various surf prints
All framing/printing by Tristam Evison (EV photo)
Board racks generously supplied by Ghost Racks
Additional display stands supplied by Surfworld Museum
Flotsam x LAYRFlotsam x LAYR

Flotsam x LAYR


# Fri, May 5 6:00 pm — 9:00 pm


# Burleigh Brewing Taphouse

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