Lungi Slabb

Photo: Andrew Shield
Surfer: Lungi Slabb
Location: Snapper Rocks
Date: May 3, 2022

Lungi Slabb is a young Coodjingburra man from Fingal Head in northern NSW who regularly displays his cool, tube riding prowess on the Coolangatta pointbreaks, seen here effortlessly
threading a yawning Snapper Rocks barrel. Deeply in touch with his culture, Lungi hails from a high achieving Indigenous family of surfers, musicians, dancers and fisher people who
continue to live as close to a traditional life as possible in modern Australia, confidently walking in two worlds. Lungi’s been turning heads for a few years with his supremely
relaxed style in the most intense situations as well as his family’s traditional music and dance at event openings across the Gold Coast and northern NSW. With trademark timing,
Lungi hit the water just before a large crew of QS competitors for the Challenger Series being staged at Snapper that day, picked off three bombs and exited the water before the
contest kicked off.