Ian and Erick Regnard

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Ian and Erick Regnard Photographer

Born in Mauritius in 1966, Ian and Erick Regnard migrated to Australia in 1983. As kids they were living on the ocean and were influenced by the world of Jacques Cousteau, spending most of their time diving on the coral reef in front of their parent’s bungalow.

Their love for photography started in the surfing industry where they then moved into taking photos in all sort of different format. This approach helped them photograph all their projects on film, a medium which they enjoy most, experimenting with polaroid film specially PN55 and 8×10 Film. Most of their work though has been taken on 6×6 and 6×7 film format.

— On unfavourable Days – exhibition 2002-2003 – Perth, Sydney, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Mauritius.

— Surfeur Nes – Exhibition 2005-2006 – Perth, Sydney.

Their latest body of work ‘Floating bits’ and ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’ goes back to the ocean again and is a series of 4×5 Polaroid and 6×6 film, is inspired by the need to be alone, but knowing that there is a presence somehow lurking closer and ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’ are photos taken on 4×5 Polaroid film underwater of a woman with stingrays depicting feelings from childhood and to this date of their experience with the ocean.

The work of Ian and Erick are considered sensual and mesmerising and incredible. Their composition of the human figure within the elements evokes feelings of serenity and grandness. Each image is able to convey feelings that they portray within the images.

They had multiple photos in this series which have won numerous awards all around the world.

Ian and Erick currently live in Australia and travel the world for their work.


Floating Bits
free event
2023 exhibition photography

Floating Bits

Wed, May 3

10:00 am — 3:00 pm

Art-Work Studios