Internationally acclaimed photographers Ian and Erick Regnard present their most recent collection of works, ‘floating bits’.

Photographed in the crystal clear water of the Pacific Ocean, floating bits is inspired by the need to be alone, but knowing that there is a presence somehow lurking closer.

The hauntingly beautiful images were taken underwater at Niue, a Pacific island east of Tonga. A complicated and challenging process, these images were taken one shot at a time and reloaded after each image, using a mix of large format 4×5 polaroid film and medium format film.

Born in Mauritius, twin brothers Ian and Erick Regnard were awarded International photographers of the year in New York (2010) and have exhibited around the world.

There will also be two pieces from ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’ collection featuring a woman and stingrays depicting feelings from their childhood and to this date of their experience with the ocean.

This exhibition is planned to go to Sydney, New York, Paris and Monaco.


Gallery: 10am until 4pm, Weds – Sat

Opening Night: Thursday 4th May, 5pm until 8pm

Artist Talk:  Wednesday 10th May, 6:30pm


Be sure to catch the Opening + Artist Talk events outlining the extraordinary lengths went to capture these images. Due to the complexity of shooting with this type of camera (not being able to see through the lens to frame the photo) and the format of the film, the images obtained are highly collectible, and the unique, underwater format pioneered by Ian and Erick featured in National Geographic, and awarded International Photographers of the Year in New York at the International Photography Awards Special Category.

Floating BitsFloating Bits
Ian and Erick Regnard

Ian and Erick Regnard

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Floating Bits


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