Late Californian filmmaker Chris Bystrom’s frequent travels to Australia culminated in several surf films laden heavily with footage of pumping Kirra and Burleigh in the 80’s and 90’s, further cementing the area’s global reputation for quality waves. Chris married, relocated here and raised his son Josh. Inheriting his father’s love of surfing, Josh also shoots – specialising in stills instead of footage.

This exhibition will feature a father and son’s perspectives of southern Gold Coast breaks in their respective mediums – film and photography – both taken in the same geographic region, decades apart.

Drop by 4Pines Coolangatta for screenings of local archival footage captured by Chris’s lens from some of his most popular movies (Beyond Blazing Boards, Cyclone Fever) as curated by Josh for HOTA, plus a series of Josh’s recent photographs presented both printed and digitally.


Opening Party: Tuesday 5.30 pm

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Josh Bystrom

Josh Bystrom

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